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AMG covers the full range of marketing services: positioning a product in the market, analysing relevant target groups, brand development, the formulation and implementation of marketing and communication strategies, as well as ongoing consultation and support of companies with respect to all marketing measures. Developing a consistent communication strategy for a project’s very own story is essential, especially in the real estate sector. Real estate can only be marketed successfully with an authentic story catering to the specific requirements of its target groups.

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Public Relations

In the real estate sector, public relations are becoming more and more important. The days when residents’ initiatives and their worries about a building project found a more sympathetic ear in the media than the building project itself have left their mark. AMG’s public relations and outreach work involves classic coverage in print and online media but also includes extensive communication with stakeholders. This can involve social media and town magazines as well as events as, for example, a baseball tournament for schools in the area.

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At the end of the day, it’s the readers who matter. To whom is the written word addressed? Which language do they prefer? Which content and emotions are to be transmitted? The written word can express so much. Or reveal nothing. It is meant to get to the heart of ideas and messages and to bring them to the point. AMG Communication provides texts tailored to specific target groups through corporate philosophy, brochures, websites, flyers, newsletters and social media presence. Our trademarks are authenticity and clarity.

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Project Management

The most critical part of each project is project management. This is where everything comes together and someone needs to pull the strings. Where the customer’s wishes are translated into concrete instructions to the creative team and where creative ideas are clearly communicated to the customer. Keeping an eye on the big picture, collating feedback and corrections on time, adhering to deadlines and budgeting correctly… Whether it’s the implementation of a communication strategy, the realization of a customer event or the organization of a Christmas mailing – every project is the most important project. Quality and reliability is what we’re committed to.

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